Welcome to the Reach

Criminals, refugees, vagabonds, survivors. All struggle to survive in the wilderness of the Northern Reach. An inhospitable region of lawless cruelty and savage nature, it is said that the Creator's reach could only extend so far when she blessed the world— her fingers fell short of the place you call home. Nevertheless, life goes on here, and for better or worse, so do you.

Your home, for now at least, is Akton, a coastal town eking out an existence at the southernmost edge. A generation ago, this small town was only a camp of refugees fleeing a continent-consuming war. Now, the people rise and life begins to breathe once more in the Reach.

The call rises. Every day, brave souls trek out into the wilderness, and not all come back. The few that do speak of treasure, and danger, beyond their wildest dreams. Will you have what it takes to tame the Reach?

The Northern Reach

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